Dec 302010

Ten Steps to “Zen” (Samatha Vipassyana) meditation:
For peace between ALL people
(Adapted from Zhi Yi’s writings, on Mt. Tiantai, 560-580)

– never harm, or say bad things about anyone;
– Purify the five sense (ears, eyes, nose, taste, touch) of “me only” feelings;
– Purify the heart of “me only” desires, and the mind of all images;
– Harmonize breathing, eating, sleeping, and daily living by “centering;”
(i.e., be focused on Transcendent” presence within)
– The joy of “Stop-samatha” “Look-vipassyana” prayer is overwhelming:
– stop all judging; to look at others with compassion;
– A true spiritual path overflows with love & compassion;
– Discern “good,” and “bad” spirits, to heal them;
– True love/compassion really does heal others;
– Follow any and all spiritual paths that teach compassion.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this (and your other posts), Dr. Saso. They are a good reminder as to what we should focus on with Dharmic practice.

  2. Thank you Al ! Great to hear from you. Many blessings and great inner peace for the coming year!

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  4. 升值 诗 (Appreciation Phrase ): A wise person gives longevity, strength, encouragement and knowledge. A wise person gives happiness, you too then enjoy happiness. One who gives longevity, strength, knowledge, encouragement and happiness, shall live a long life and be honored wherever he may be. Om Loka Loka Karaya Svaha!

    My tribute to you and this great post to remind us the essentials to living a happy balanced life.

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  6. Shirfu Michael,
    thank you for the true spirit that you walk in the daoist realm, a beginner as i am, it is an honor to see that virtue and honor are still active, as some teachers have abused there information, the teachings have been adulterated.
    many blessings to you
    charles r. ganzon

  7. thank you for your kind words, Shifu Charles! all of our life we must be students, learn from each other, re-learn our meditation & contemplation each day.

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